Below is an animated content series that shares practical solutions for having conversations about respect and how to speak up to address disrespectful behaviours.

Download the Stop it at the Start – Impact in the Community animation 55 sec (MP4 42MB)

The video opens with a bird’s eye view of a residential community. There are parents and coaches talking to young people in the community.

Voice-over: It takes a community to raise a child. We all have a role in talking to young people about respect, whether we’re parents, family members, teachers, coaches, employers or other community role models.

The video changes to see a scene in a park with a teenage girl walking past a group of teenage boys.

Voice-over: And the best way we can play a positive role is by having open, ongoing conversations about respect.

The boys are laughing and pointing at the girl, and taking photos of her on a phone. The girl looks uncomfortable about what the boys are doing to her.

Voice-over: It can feel easier to play down or ignore disrespect when we see it.

The video shows an adult male observing the boy’s behaviour towards the girl. The man pauses for a second to think about what he can do.

Voice-over: But we have a choice.

The man walks up to the boys to talk to them about their behaviour.

Voice-over: And a responsibility to role model the positive behaviours we want to see in our children.

Three other adults look on curiously as we see the man talking to the boys.

Voice-over: When you do, it has a knock-on effect on those around you. When you speak up, it empowers others around you to do the same.

The video moves to a scene with a mother talking to her teenage son about respect in his bedroom.

Voice-over: Small moments and small steps will move us closer to a culture free from disrespect.

The video moves to another scene with an adult woman who is a soccer coach talking to teenage boys huddled around her in the soccer field.

Voice-over: If we all come together as a community and find our collective voice, we can build a better future for our children.

We see a father and mother having a conversation with their two teenagers on their outside family dinner table.

The video closes by returning to the bird’s eye view of the residential community.

Voice-over: Visit for tools and resources to help you make a positive change.

Download the Stop it at the Start – Family driving chat animation (MP4 11MB)

Dad: Hey kids – who wants to go to the cinema tonight after school?

Jen: Sounds good! Can I please practice my driving there and back?

Jack: No way am I getting in a car with Jen driving.

Jen: Hey! Mum says I’ve been doing really well!

Dad: You’re becoming a good driver Jen – I would love for you to drive us tonight.

Jack: Women are the worst drivers. We might not make it there in one piece.

Dad: Jack! Comments like that are not okay.

Jack: I was only joking…

Dad: Well it’s not funny, it’s very disrespectful.

Jack: OK, sorry Jen. I’m in.

Jen: Yay! Can’t wait.

Download the Stop it at the Start – Family school chat animation (MP4 12MB)

Dad: how’s school going, Georgie?

Georgie: Not good. Some boys were bothering me at lunch.

Georgie: I’m really upset and annoyed.

Dad: I wish they wouldn’t do that. What happened?

Georgie: Luke was making gross comments about how I look.

Dad: he used to be such a nice boy. He must be going through a phase…

Georgie: Then all of the boys made jokes about us going out. I don’t even like him!

Mum: I don’t like the sound of this. You don’t have to put up with boys bothering you.

Dad: Mum’s right. I’ll call your teacher to talk it through.

Georgie: Thanks Mum. I’ll let you and Dad know if it happens again.

Dad: make sure you do.

Download the Stop it at the Start – Friend chat animation (MP4 13MB)

Mary: Lovely to see you all today, what a great afternoon!

Kat: great to see you too!

Jane: it was so fab to catch up and be together again. Have to say though. Jennifer was a bit upset on the way home. Mary, I think she took some comments from your boys to heart.

Mary: I’m not sure what happened…

Kat: I overheard them calling her a know it all – but didn’t want to jump in or make things worse. Maybe I should have?

Mary: I didn’t hear it – I’m sorry Jane! I’ll speak to James and Carl about being respectful – they should know that kind of behaviour isn’t okay.

Jane: Thank you – I’ll speak to Jennifer properly too, so that she knows she shouldn’t accept behaviour like that.

Kat: I’ll make sure I jump in if I see anything like it again. Until next time!