The Respect Checklist

A practical checklist to help parents and family members identify some important aspects of respect to talk about with children.

How to use this checklist

This checklist shows a range of views from girls and boys about respect. It will give you a picture of what your son or daughter might believe, and how they could react to disrespectful behaviour.

Think about each statement and fill in the checklist based on what you know about your son or daughter. Your answers will help you to better understand your child’s views and will give you a place to start talking.

Checking in with your daughter

Checking in with your son

What you can do next

Start a conversation with your children about any of these issues you think are important. You may find that your son or daughter has healthy and positive attitudes, and the conversation is more about making sure they know how to be respectful, and understand right from wrong. Other issues might need more discussion.

The Conversation Guide is a useful tool for parents who want to talk about respect with their children. It helps parents prepare to discuss sensitive issues and offers advice for having open and honest discussions.

Other useful tools:

The Conversation Guide

Advice and tips for discussing sensitive issues and having open discussions with your children.

The Excuse Interpreter

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Download and print the respect checklist