Not all disrespect towards women results in violence. But all violence against women starts with disrespectful behaviour. Violence can take many different forms, including physical and non-physical, and we may not always recognise it. Being aware of the different ways that violence and abuse is used helps us to better understand it, talk about it, and reject it.

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The new phase of the Stop it at the Start advertising campaign has launched. The Hidden Trends of Disrespect aims to educate parents and care givers of young people aged 10-17 years about the new and hidden forms of disrespect young people are engaging with every day online. Read the Minister’s media release.

The Media backgrounder provides an overview of the campaign development and media buy. 

This is available in DOCX and PDF.

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This article contains images from the Hidden Trends of Disrespect TV commercials. 

Media are encouraged to use these images for coverage of this campaign.