A boy sitting on a blue couch, looking at his phone.

Do you know what’s influencing your kids? 

Young people spend so much time online—especially during their teenage years, and the content they watch can influence and shape their views and behaviour.

Most social media platforms are powered by complex algorithms that show us profiles or posts they think we’re likely to engage with. This means as well as seeing posts that may make us happy, we may also be exposed to disrespectful and aggressive content at any time.

As parents and carers, it can be difficult to censor or moderate the content young people may be exposed to online. To support our young people, we need to develop a better understanding of what they are seeing and hearing and the impact this may have on their perceptions of respect and respectful relationships and violence towards women.

This resource is available in different formats, including PDF, DOCX and Easy Read. It is also available in multiple languages from the Resource hub.

  • The Stop it at the Start campaign aims to end violence against women. Most victims of family, domestic and sexual violence are women, and most violence against women is perpetrated by men.


    However, we know that there are many different ways in which people may experience violence. This guide aims to support adults to understand the hidden trends of disrespect that young people are exposed to.