A mockup of a mobile phone with the words "The Algorithm of Disrespect".

The Algorithm of DisrespectTM Text Version

The Algorithm of DisrespectTM is an educational tool simulating the average young person's online experience, following the journey of a boy named James. It is designed to reveal and educate adults on the new, hidden forms of disrespect. Everything you're about to see is based on the type of content being served to young people on a daily basis, and has been recreated using actors. This is a script version of this simulated social media experience, for users who do not wish to, or are not able to, experience this content in a virtual experience.


The following simulation contains references to oppressive views, hateful language, sexism, misogyny, coercive control and abuse, which some may find distressing. It represents the online disrespect and violence-supportive attitudes that young people are currently being served. It is not representative of the opinions, beliefs or views of the Australian Government.