Start a conversation

As parents, family members, teachers, coaches, community leaders and employers, we have an important role as influencers of young people.

We should speak up when someone says or does something that excuses disrespect towards women.

Disrespect and aggression aren’t easy subjects to talk about with young people. Having the confidence to get started can sometimes be the hardest part.

Below are some tools to help you have those conversations:

  • Use the conversation guide to help you talk more confidently and openly with young people about the importance of respectful relationships.
  • Use the respect checklist to become more aware of what your boy and girl might be thinking in disrespectful or aggressive situations.
  • Take a look at the first in a series of video messages from parenting educators. Educators reflect on their experiences, the influence adults have on young people and provide tips to get you started on having conversations about respect.

The Conversation Guide

the conversation guide cover image

Use the advice and practical tips in the Conversation Guide to plan a positive discussion and talk more openly with boys and girls about respect.

Easy Read Conversation Guide

conversation guide easy read version cover image

The Respect Checklist

the respect checklist cover image

Use this checklist to give you a picture of what your son or daughter might believe, and how they’re likely to react when faced with disrespect or aggression. Your answers might help you understand your child’s views, and will give you a place to start talking.


Parenting educator videos