Materials for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Phase three campaign materials


We hear sounds of a family BBQ, adults chatting, food sizzling, faint music.

Teenage girl: Hey, stop it! Ouch! You’re hurting me!

We hear a teenage boy laughing.

Adult woman 1: Hey, is she okay?

Adult woman 2: Oh um, I think he’s probably just trying to get her attention. You know boys…

Adult woman 1: Yeah… [pause]. You know, I don’t reckon that behaviour is on, sis. Reckon you should have a word to him?

Adult woman 2: Yeah, you’re right sis. Me and his dad will have a good yarn with him about respect, eh?

Voiceover: We all have the power to end violence. If you see disrespect, unmute yourself, speak up. For tools and resources, visit

Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra.


Phase two campaign materials



Radio ad 30 seconds

SFX – sound of a house door opening, feet shuffling and bags dropping to floor.

Daughter: Sorry we’re late, Dad. PJ got held back at school.

Dad: What did you do, son?

Son: I got in trouble for flicking up a girl’s skirt.

Dad: What? That’s it?

Daughter: Dad, would you be OK if someone did that to me?

Son: And are you saying it’s OK for me to treat girls with disrespect?

Dad: Sorry, that’s not…what I…meant.

We then hear a voiceover say…

Voiceover: Are you teaching them disrespect?

Violence against women.
Let’s stop it at the start.

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Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra.

Phase one campaign materials